RF Power

RF systems provide power, control, and measurement to a wide range of industrial, medical, scientific, aerospace and defense applications. Core to these requirements is the stability and reliability of the RF Power system and the technical knowledge enabling providers to work with system designers to develop product and sub-systems to meet their ever more complex needs.

e2v has more than 65 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing a range of high-performance RF power solutions based on electron device, solid state, and supportive technologies. We work from RF to microwave powers, alongside our expertise in ordnance technologies. We offer both standard product and the engineering ability to work with you to design solutions to your exacting requirements.

Our expertise has seen our involvement in some of the highest-profile projects, from radar control in the Eurofighter Typhoon to kicker magnet control in CERN’s large hadron collider and the x-ray source in 90% of the world’s cancer radiotherapy treatment machines.

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