e2v offers RF Power tubes for laser excitation in copper vapour, CO2, and eximer lasers.

Laser excitation

e2v offers RF Power tubes for laser excitation in copper vapor, CO2, and eximer lasers.
We have more than 65 years’ experience in working in the most demanding of industrial environments, where performance, reliability, and a strong technical understanding of the integration of our tubes and interaction with the laser system are paramount to maximize performance and life.

Copper Vapour Lasers

Copper vapour lasers utilizing thyratron technology are used in machining applications.

CO2 Lasers (DC and RF excited)

Our gridded tubes (triodes and tetrodes) are used in the power supplies of industrial CO2 lasers, either to control or pulse the HV DC supply (DC excitation) or to generate RF power (RF excitation).

Eximer Lasers

Eximer lasers are used in a wide range of applications, including scientific investigations in the biological field, delicate medical treatments (e.g. eye surgery), and semiconductor processing.

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