Defense systems require higher performance than conventional semiconductors offer.

Semiconductors – Defense

Defense uses for semiconductors can run the gamut of applications including aircraft, weapon systems, radar systems, and handheld warfighter equipment. These electronic systems require higher levels of performance and reliability than conventional semiconductors can deliver. Devices are typically offered in more robust packaging, tested over larger temperature ranges, and undergo much more extensive testing than commercial semiconductor devices.

e2v has been a key supplier to defense contractors for over 30 years. We are committed to supporting this industry while many vendors only focus on higher-volume commercial applications. e2v offers many services in addition to a wide range of standard devices.

e2v designs, manufactures, qualifies and ships a large variety of semiconductor devices for a diverse range of markets. With more than 30 years’ experience in semiconductors, e2v offers commercial and high-reliability (hi-rel) devices that provide virtually all of the basic semiconductor functions, including microcontrollers and microprocessors, memories, logic and programmable logic, and analog and interface. e2v offers over 4,000 unique standard off-the-shelf devices and also offers design services, custom redesigns, and assembly and test services.

e2v provides complete solutions with our Signal Chain Integrity Program (SCIP), which can guarantee supply and performance on products for 10+ years through qualification, inventory management and product resurrections. This program can protect critical sockets across a program or platform by offering multi-project wafers to lower customer costs for families of parts.

e2v also has strategic partnerships with Freescale, Everspin, Maxim, and Micron to provide a range of high-reliability versions of their standard products. We also offer capabilities to extend the life of classic ICs for a host of mission-critical programs, providing replacement hermetic parts for DMS (Diminished Manufacturing Sources) and EOL (End of Life) products.

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