Responsible marketing

e2v’s vision is to be the company most trusted to deliver advanced technology and vital services for critical systems.

We operate in niche markets within a global marketplace, in a predominantly business to business environment, and where performance and reputation is globally known and compared with competitors. We engage with multiple levels of organizations, including senior management, commercial, procurement, and technical. Reputation and honesty in customer relationships is a vital component to business performance.

Our approach to marketing is that of honesty, clarity, and an appropriate level of communication with market-specific information.

In offering innovative solutions to specialist technology-based requirements, we work with professional buyers and often as an invited member of a project team, delivering multi-disciplinary, cross-organizational skills into complex projects. Some individual projects can extend over 15 years. Our largest customers have typically had a relationship with us for over 10 years, with many over 20 and more years. These relationships are based on trust in our abilities and our claims about our services, our products, and about who we are as a company.

These relationships mean our customer-focused marketing collateral, electronic or print, are designed predominantly for a technical audience. While initial contact materials are designed to be visually attractive, they remain fundamentally technical in content, with follow-on information generally designed for technical authorities to obtain data that enables them to evaluate our product or service in a professional tendering environment and understand its integration and performance within larger systems.

The performance information included in our communications materials is always based on proven testing, which is backed by the availability of full performance specification data sheets, downloadable from our website or available on request, which again can be backed by separately available performance data. Testing processes are backed by appropriate formal quality standards and accreditations, detailed here.

The environment

As a part of our CR initiative we have environmental policies regarding waste and our impact on the communities and environment in which we operate. From a marketing perspective in the production of sales literature, and so the use of paper, we:

  • Do not engage in regular paper-based direct marketing of information
  • Source paper for promotional brochures, data sheets etc from companies with environmentally responsible approaches to paper sourcing, specifically FSC accredited sources wherever possible
  • Produce our Annual financial reports electronically, with an opt-in for paper versions, reducing the number of printed copies

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