Our policy is to:

  • Comply with all legislation relating to employee relations in the countries in which we operate
  • Maintain an equal opportunities policy in line with, and going beyond, regulations
  • Comply with and/or exceed health and safety regulations
  • Maintain a learning and development program for employees, constantly improving business performance through talent management and organisation succession planning
  • Facilitate and encourage two-way communications at e2v, including a secure, whistle-blowing process and regular employee surveys
  • Maintain and benchmark a policy ensuring e2v offers competitive work packages
  • Create a great working environment where people want to work
  • Encourage all employees to live the company’s key values
  • Maximize employee engagement through listening to employees and proactively improving working together

e2v uses a number of complementary channels to communicate and seek the views of our employees. In 2015, e2v ran a full employee engagement survey in combination with formal frameworks for information exchange and consultation, which were aligned with the ‘employee engagement score’ KPI. The results of the engagement survey showed that employee engagement has increased by six percentage points against a target increase of five percentage points. Survey action plans at geographic, divisional and executive levels are focusing on key areas raised in the survey for improvement.

Over the year, e2v has awarded 219 outstanding employee achievement awards called STARS award (2014: 258) to our people throughout the global organization sharing a total of £17,680 (2014: £23,000) and recognizing good ideas that contribute to business success.

e2v has a comprehensive, innovative learning and development program that seeks to offer personal development opportunities to employees. This supports organizational capability requirements and future goals identified through the annual Organization Capability Review. This program is reviewed annually and this year has benefited from:

  • The roll-out of global sales processes and tools training to support growth
  • Embedding e-learning across the global organization
  • Driving professionalism of project managers through supporting Association of Project Management qualifications
  • Launching a global leadership development program
  • Developing engineering skills hubs to facilitate the transfer and sharing of knowledge within the company
  • Launching of a global fast track development program for high-potential employees

All of these initiatives demonstrate e2v’s commitment to creating a positive, discrimination-free environment for employees in which our policies meet and/or exceed legal requirements leading to best practice standards.

Diversity and inclusion

The Group endeavors to provide equality of opportunity in recruitment, training, promotion and career development for all, irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender or age. The Group gives full consideration to applications for employment from a person with a disability where a person with a disability can adequately fulfill the requirements of the role and workplace adjustments can be made to facilitate this appointment.

Where existing employees become disabled it is the Group’s policy, wherever practicable, to provide workplace adjustments to ensure continuing employment under normal terms and conditions, and to provide training and career development and promotion opportunities, wherever appropriate.

The Group is committed to striving for balance in its workforce at all levels.


Male Female Total
Headcount by gender 1192 499 1691
Senior managers by gender 60 13 73
Board directors by gender 5 1 6

Health and Safety

The safety and well-being of our people in all aspects of our operations is critical to the success of our business and to the wider communities in which we operate. We now start all formal meetings with employee groups with a ‘safety moment’ in which we identify any areas for improvement in the safety of our facilities or processes.

We hold OHSAS 18001 accreditation at our main manufacturing sites: Chelmsford, Lincoln, Grenoble and Milpitas and we have in place a comprehensive health and safety management system. We are now in the process of introducing a preventative health, safety and environment management program called Safety, Health, and Environment Leadership Team (SHELT), launched at our Chelmsford site.

SHELT encourages the reporting of hazard spotting. When compared with the five months before the launch of SHELT, in September 2014, reports of proactive incidents (hazard spots/near misses) increased from 36 to 91, whilst first aid incidents fell from 49 to 12, a 75% reduction. In addition, lost time accidents have fallen to zero in 2015 compared with three in 2014.

SHELT KPIs for the coming five years are being established for each division. These will be launched at the Chelmsford facility and thereafter rolled out across the Group in the first half of the 2016 reporting period. This information will be reported by the end of the first half of 2016. The target for 2016 full year reporting will be for a KPI compliance score of 85% at divisional level.

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