Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Within e2v, we manage our business against responsible and sustainable principles. We understand the need for and value in maintaining strong Corporate Responsibility (CR) policies in determining our approach to managing our business and in gaining the confidence and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

Our approach focuses on five key areas: investors, employees, community, environment, and supply chain.

Steve Blair, Group CEO, holds executive committee responsibility for the setting and implementation of our CR policy with members of the Executive Committee holding named responsibility for individual elements of the policy.

For 2015, we have moved from benchmarking ourselves through the Business in the Community CR Index to adopting a model of specific targeted measures, particularly in the area of environmental management.

Code of conduct

e2v has a clear, documented code of conduct, which encompasses anti-bribery and corruption procedures and requirements.

This was released in 2011 with all-employee briefings and Q&A sessions. This was followed with policy documents provided to all personnel and a requirement to sign against understanding and a commitment to adhere to the policy.

Following this launch, all new employees go through this procedure as part of their induction process on joining the company.

CR performance

The e2v Executive Committee, comprising regional, functional and divisional directors, has individual responsibility for components of the policy, and their associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as indicated in the following table.

Corporate Responsibility KPIs Progress to date and barriers to success
Our approach: Executive Committee Owner: Group CEO. e2v people are committed to behaving and working responsibly, complying with statutory requirements and respecting our colleagues and the global communities in which we operate. For 2015, we have moved from benchmarking ourselves through the Business in the Community CR Index, to adopting a model of specific targeted measures, particularly in the area of environmental management. We are in the process of conducting Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) KPI gap analysis audits across the business. The results are used to set environmental targets for 2015 to 2020. Our Environmental KPI drivers are chemical management, waste management and energy control. Setting the same KPI’s and targets across the business will ensure that we continue to reduce its environmental impact, while still giving a world class services to our customers.
Investors: e2v promotes two-way communication with current and potential investors. Executive Committee Owner: Group CEO. Our policy is to:
1. Ensure timely delivery of information in line with regulatory requirements.
2. Provide information in paper format whilst promoting the electronic provision of information via our investor relations website.
3. Make additional presentations to investors and analysts as required.
4. Retain a financial PR consultant to ensure all communication is timely, appropriate and in accordance with best practice.
Where relevant, all investor-sensitive info to be on our website as soon as it released to the stock market or, in the case of presentations, at the end of the same day the presentation is made. Maintain paper versions on annual report to fewer than 40% of shareholders. Achieved through automatic RNS links and the placement of, for example, presentations in the investor download section. Investor tools were also updated in April 2014 as a part of an update to the e2v website. Currently at 50% (2014: 45%), reflecting an increase in requests from individual shareholders under the latest SAYE plan.
Employees: e2v recognizes the importance of people to its on-going success. Our competitiveness in the market is dependent on employing the right people with the right skills in the business. Executive Committee Owner: Dina Knight, Group HR Director. Our policy is to:
1. Comply with all legislation relating to employee relations in the countries in which we operate.
2. Maintain an equal opportunities policy in line with, and going beyond, regulations.
3. Comply with, and where possible exceed, health and safety regulations.
4. Maintain a learning and development program for employees, constantly improving business performance through talent management and organisation succession planning – including graduate and apprentice opportunities.
5. Facilitate and encourage two-way communications at e2v, including a secure whistle-blowing process and regular employee survey.
6. Maintain and benchmark a policy ensuring e2v offers competitive work packages.
7. Create a great working environment where people want to work.
8. Encourage all employees to live the Group’s key values.
9. Maximize employee engagement through listening to all of our employees and proactively improving how we work together.
Year on year increase of 5% in Employee Engagement Index score as measured by the output from a number of questions asked in the annual employee survey designed to provide single point reference to the engagement in our business success across our global facilities. Zero incidents of occupational diseases and other work related ill health. Carry out annual review of organisational capability readiness. Reduce lost time injury rate (over one day) by 10% by 2015 relative to 2013. In the People Action Survey, held in November 2014 the Employee Engagement score increased by 6% – above the 5% target. There were zero occupational health related incidents for 2015.  Lost time accidents have fallen to zero in 2015 compared with three in 2014.
Community: e2v operates in the heart of local communities. The business is also an integral part of those communities across all e2v locations. As a consequence, e2v recognizes the responsibility that comes with this position. Executive Committee Owner: Dina Knight, Group HR Director. Our policy is to:
1. Make a positive contribution and show consideration to our neighbors and the community in which we operate.
2. Support local organisations through charitable giving.
3. Support local schools and learning institutions.
4. Support learning and development in the local community.
Maintain at least one core charity across each of e2v’s principal facilities. Support at least one charity at a corporate level. Achieve a minimum 50 global requests for employee support funding with an average score of at least four out of five in the follow up questionnaire. Across our sites, we have selected a global total of 11 (2014: 10) core charities.  In 2015, we continued to support SOS Children’s Villages. During the year, 64 donations (2014: 53) were made, with an average score of four out of five against the question “how important has e2v’s additional support been to you and the good cause you are raising money for?”
Environment: e2v continues to focus on minimizing any adverse impact on the environment stemming from both the activities of the company and its employees. Executive Committee Owner: Jim MacFarlane, Group Director of Operations. Our policy is to:
1. Maintain operational and management systems to facilitate compliance with environmental legislation.
2. Encourage all persons working on behalf of the Group, through training and communications, to take personal responsibility to minimize their adverse impact on the environment and to contribute towards meeting group objectives and targets.
3. Encourage environmentally sound design practices at all stages of product life cycles.
4. Seek all practical ways to reduce emissions to land, sea, air and water through responsible management of our business processes.
5. Manage energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions for efficiency and minimal waste, through appropriate investment in process controls and continuous improvement plans.
6. Use best available techniques to minimize waste, by preventing, reducing, re-using or recovering (including recycling) waste material.
This year we have established new environmental KPIs for the next five years across energy management, chemical management and waste management. We are now in the process of conducting Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) KPI gap analysis audits across the business. The results will be used to set five-year environmental targets in the first half of 2016. In 2015 we had a 16% increase, normalized by revenue, in solid waste production, when compared with 2013, against a targeted reduction of 10%. This continues to be impacted by refurbishment work at our Chelmsford site, as noted in 2014. The removal of asbestos from older buildings and other refurbishment related activities contributed to a 9% decrease in solid waste recycled, to 62% (2013: 71%), against our target to increase the percentage to 80% by end of 2015. We anticipate continuing to be below target in 2016.
Supply chain: e2v works to build long term relationships with its suppliers and customers, encouraging ethical and environmental considerations in all its dealings. Executive Committee Owner: Jim MacFarlane, Group Director of Operations. Our policy is to:
1. Assess all potential suppliers and contractors against an ethical and environmental questionnaire prior to being added to our supplier lists.
2. Communicate and treat our suppliers/contractors/customers with fairness and courtesy as dictated by our internal values.
3. Work with all of our customer, suppliers and contractors regarding environmental initiatives, encouraging them to help us to jointly reduce the environmental impact of our work.
4. Work in partnership with our suppliers to enhance the quality and performance of the items they supply.
5. We will work in partnership with our customers to develop and improve both e2v’s products and the systems in which our products are incorporated.
Target of 70% of e2v direct and indirect spend to be managed through the Supplier Accreditation Plan. The resultant continuous improvement of supplier performance drives enhanced benefits in the areas of supplier cost, quality and service. Currently achieving 67%.


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